Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two Western Conference Titans, One Title!

Remember when the Spurs were too old and athletically challenged to keep up with the Lakers, well not anymore. Both teams appear to have their rosters set so I ran a few averages to see how they match up. Including the eventual signing of Odom for the Lakers and Ratliff for the Spurs, both teams top out at an average height of 6.8". The average age for the Lakers is 27 compared to the Spurs 28. Lets look at both teams by position and depth.

At center the Spurs start Tim Duncan with Theo Ratliff likely backing him up. The Lakers counter with Andrew Bynum with DJ Mbenga coming off the bench. The Spurs drastically improves the PF position by starting McDyess with the rookie Dejuan Blair backing him up. LA counters with tandum of Gasol and Odom. At small forward the Spurs will start Richard Jefferson with Finley and Malik Hairston in the wings. The Lakers start Ron Artest with Luke Walton backing him up. The Spurs are banking on a healthy and motivated Manu Ginobili playing in a contract year to light it up from the shooting guard position with sharp shooter Roger Mason providing relief. For the Lakers the black mamba, Kobe Bryant would love nothing more than a competitive battle with Ginobili come the playoffs. He will be backed up by Vujacic. Once again Tony Parker will be the motor pushing the Spurs offense at point guard with 2nd year guard George Hill running the second unit. The Lakers will rely on veteran Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmer to provide offensive direction for the defending champs. It's fair to say, this may go down as one of the most exciting seasons we will ever witness.

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