Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Youth Movement

Happy New! Have you taken notice? Are you paying attention to what the defending champs are doing? While all the media attention has been focused the red hot Celtics and steady Pistons, the Champs have quietly amassed a tidey 21-8 mark at this point. More importantly, they have infused their roster with youth and athleticism. The Spurs roster currently stand at 15 players, of the 15 players, only 6 have more than 6 years of nba experience. The Spurs also infused the team with athleticism at the wing position by adding Langford (6.4') and Demarr Johnson (6.9').
Both players are great on ball defenders and with Demarr's size and quickness, the opposing teams shooting guard or small forward will have a match-up nightmare. Look for the Spurs to continue in their 'throttle down' mode until their annual rodeo road trip next month while slowly intergrating the new players into their system. The youth movement has begun in San Antonio.