Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Contender Cost, Now and in the Future

Now that the 2009-10 salary cap has been established we have a more definitive picture as to the financial footing of each team. The consensus view establishes 5 teams as contenders, Lakers, Spurs, Celtics, Caverliers and Magic. Let's look at each conference contender's financials as this could have a barring own future moves prior to the start of the season.


SPURS - 9 players - 71million (Includes their core and Richard Jefferson)
Expected to spend MLE on front court help - 6million
Draft pick and roster filler salaries - 3million
2009-10 Projected Team Salary - 80million
2010-11 Team Salary - 47million (not including Manu Ginobli)
Forecast - Good

LAKERS - 13 players - 84million (Includes Gasol, Bynum, Kobe)
Spent MLE on Artest
Odom's asking price 10mil/several years
No Draft picks
2009-10 Projected Team Salary - 94million
2010- 11 Team Salary - 75million (not including Odom or Fisher)
Forest - Costly long term

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