Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spurs Locked and Loaded!

In an effort to flank the San Antonio Spurs big three with some much needed help, the ownership spared no expense going well pass the luxury tax threshold. Will this investment pay the kind of dividends that warrant such a gamble, namely a fifth championship? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain, Tim Duncan may have the most potent combination of teammates he has ever seen. Check out these numbers.

We know what Duncan, Ginobli and Parker can do on any given night. Last year Kurt Thomas averaged 17minutes, 5rebounds and 4points per game. He is replaced in the starting line-up by Antonio McDyess who averaged 30minutes, 9.8rebounds and 9.6points per game. Basically Duncan now has a front court partner who should double the output of his predecessor. Additionally, the more time McDyess play, the less time Duncan will have to log during the regular season. This is huge on some many levels.

The biggest improvement however comes at the wing position. Last year Michael Finley averaged 25minutes, 9.7pts, 3.3rbs and 1.4ast. His replacement Richard Jefferson averaged 35minutes, 19.6, 4.6rbs and 2.4. Even more telling is the fact that Jefferson averaged 6.3 FTA compared to Finley’s 0.8. Put simply, RJ should drastically increase open looks for the dead-eyes in the corners when he attacks the basket. By replacing Kurt Thomas and Michael Finley with Antonio McDyess and Richard Jefferson in the starting line-up the Spurs should increase their rebounding by 6 boards per game and their point production by and whopping 15 points per game.

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