Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Am I asking too much?

Now that Rasheed Wallace has verbally agreed to sign with the Celtics, true Spurs fans can breath a sigh of relief. The Spurs still have their MLE and Bi-Annual to throw at a couple of free-agents. If Xmas could come early, I wish that the Spurs could convince Both Antonio McDyess and Channing Frye to join the Silver and Black express in their quest for championship number 5. The Spurs MLE is almost twice the amount of money that Detroit can offer McDyess so if all reports are true that he is deliberating between the Pistons and Spurs then delibrate no more.......Spurs = more money and better chance a winning a title. With regards to Mr. Frye, it is hard to imagine him not garnering an offer worth more than the Spurs 1.9million bi-annual so realistically seeing him next to Duncan is a stretch to say the least. Nevertheless, if Channing Frye is thinking long term, then signing with the Spurs for the bi-annual makes plenty of sense. Here's a look at the Spurs roster should Xmas come early.

Duncan - C
McDyess - PF
Jefferson - SF
Ginobili - SG
Parker - PG

C - Frye, Mihinmi
PF - Blair, Haislip (Bonner)
SF - Finley, Hairston
SG - Mason, Williams
PG - Hill, McClinton

Of course to accommadate this much young talent either Bonner or Finley would require a buyout. I say thank for your service but here's the door red rocket. This would be the deepest team in the league and would have to be considered the biggest threat to the Lakers, more so than Boston, Cleveland and Orlando.

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