Thursday, December 6, 2007

Switching Positions

I've had a week to think about my next post. During that time the Spurs continued, business as usual until Duncan went down with a ankle/knee injury during the Portland game. It was this incident that generated much debate about what direction the team would go in IF there was no more Duncan this year. Thankfully, his injury was not serious and he may possibly see action tomorrow when the Spurs host the Jazz. Nonetheless, I still pondered the what IF. My conclusion is this.... the Spurs position or direction will always remain the same, they will continue to play with the same defensive intensity, cohesion and passion. The reason for this is because it would seem that the entire team is made up of players who are unselfish and can switch to any position on the court when necessary. Ginobli and Barry can play point, Elson, Horry and Bonner can handle the 3, 4, 5 spot when needed. In short, it is the entire team's ability to switch positions that gives the defending champions a greater chance to repeat this year than in years past.

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