Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Suns Draw Firstblood

Last night's game is what Spurs and Suns fans have come to expect. Another game decided at the end...this time victory belonging to the visitors. Even though the Suns drew first blood in the best of four regular season games, my focus was on the match-up in the middle. There has been something a little off about Amare this season thus far; maybe it was the disappointing loss in the playoffs, the off-season trade speculations or the fact that there is no Kurt Thomas, meaning he will almost always be playing out of position. In the end, Amare did not play with the same intensity that we have come to expect. Ending with his eruption against the Duncan led Spurs in their 2006 playoff series, Duncan has systematically gotten the better of his younger counterpart. Stat will have another gaudy Duncan stat line to digest as Tim went for 36 points and 17 rebounds. The Suns may have drawn first blood but Rambo won the battle in the middle and this should be of utmost concern to the Pheonix Suns faithful.

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