Wednesday, June 16, 2010


1. Wizards
Need – A versatile point guard of the mold of Steve Nash.
Pick – John Wall

2. 76ers
Need – A dominate big man who can run the break alongside Iguodala.
Pick – Derrick Favors

3. Nets
Need – A scorer to play alongside Harris in the backcourt.
Pick – Evan Turner

4. Timberwolves
Need – A true center. It’s time to cash in on Big Al or Love by way of trade.
Pick – DeMarcus Cousins

5. Kings
Need – A backcourt mate for the ROY would be nice.
Pick – Xavier Henry

6. Warriors
Need – The best big man available.
Pick – Cole Aldrich

7. Pistons
Need – The small forward position is in need of young legs.
Pick – Wesley Johnson

8. Clippers
Need – Small forward is the only weakness on this team.
Pick – Al-Farouq Aminu

9. Jazz
Need – Size and versatility in the frontcourt is a must if Boozer leaves for South Beach.
Pick – Greg Monroe

10. Pacers
Need – This team is desperate for a top flight point guard.
Pick – Eric Bledsoe

11. Hornets
Need – Collison and Thornton solidified the backcourt but what about the 3 position?
Pick – Patrick Patterson

12. Grizzlies
Need – The Conley experiment is over. OJ gets another backcourt mate with this pick.
Pick – Paul George

13. Raptors
Need – Their starting over from scratch. Go for the player with the most upside.
Pick – Hassan Whiteside

14. Rockets
Need – The Rockets are desperate for size in the middle.
Pick – Ed Davis

15. Bucks
Need – Get Jennings a scoring mate at shooting guard and really “fear the deer” next season.
Pick – James Anderson

16. Timberwolves
Need – with their second pick in the first round the T-Wolves can address their lack of scoring at the SF position.
Pick – Luke Babbitt

17. Bulls
Need – Losing Gordon at SG exposed this team’s lack of fire power. Bringing another Gordon in makes sense to me.
Pick – Gordon Hayward

18. Heat
Need – Assuming they get frontcourt help through free-agency, the Heat pick small here.
Pick – Avery Bradley

19. Boston
Need – An aging frontcourt necessitates a SF/PF with this pick.
Pick - Daniel Orton

20. Spurs
Need – Another team with multiple needs in the frontcourt. Spurs go big here.
Pick – Solomon Alabi

21. Thunder
Need – This team is loaded at all positions so taking the best available makes sense.
Pick – Damion James

22. Trailblazers
Need – Will Oden ever play to his full potential for a complete season?
Pick – Jerome Jordan

23. Timberwolves
Need – this is most certainly a value pick for the T-Wolves, high reward, low risk.
Pick – Larry Sanders

24. Hawks.
Need– How do the Hawks replace the departure of a Joe Johnson? They can’t, not with this pick.
Pick – Willie Warren

25. Grizzlies
Need – If they fail to secure the service of Gay, this pick could prove useful.
Pick – Ekpe Udoh

26. Thunder
Need – Don’t be surprised if they move this pick for a veteran.
Pick – Terrico White

27. Nets
Need – A backup for Harris would be a smart pick here.
Pick – Armon Johnson

28. Grizzlies
Need – This is another team that will more than likely move this pick.
Pick – Elliot Williams

29. Magic
Need – The Magic could use more firepower in the front court.
Pick – Donatas Motiejunas

30. Wizards
Need – The Wizards need a defensive presence to balance out their offense.
Pick – Jarvis Varnado

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